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Unformatted text preview: at least some portion of the business on a small investment rather than wait for VC or Angel investors ‐ Develop a pro forma income statement for the next two years ‐ Cash is King! Develop the cash flow statement for the next two years ‐ Create a balance sheet for the business. How much working capital is adequate for this business? ‐ What are your planned sources of funding? What are your back up plans in case your primary sources do not work out (need at least two other alternatives!) Strategic Recommendations & Implementation (2‐3 pgs) ‐ Based on your above analyses, what should be the organization’s strategic growth goals? These goals should be broken down into financial, market share and other sub‐goals that are measurable. What are the timelines for these goals? ‐ How should the organization capitalize on or defend against industry‐level trends? ‐ How should the organization position or reposition itself relative to its competitors along key strategic dimensions (e.g., price, features, customer service)? What strategy do you recommend to the business (i.e. low‐cost leadership, differentiation, or focus)? ‐ What specifically should the organization do to improve its position and therefore increase its bargaining power with its customers, suppliers, substitutes, and potential competitors (new entrants)? ‐ Do you recommend the organization to diversify into other areas in the longer term? Present your reasons. ‐ Do you recommend the organization explore opportunities outside the Sacramento region? in international markets? ‐ For every strategic recommendation you have made, does the organization have sufficient resources to implement it? If not, what resources and/or capabilities need to be developed or upgraded within a reasonable timeframe? ‐ To successfully implement the strategic recommendations you have made, what functional‐level (e.g., marketing, R&D, logistics) and cross‐functional issues should the organization pay special attention to? ‐ What specific steps should the business take in the next 6 months to implement these recommendations? What should be done in the next 2 years? 8. Appendix (3‐5 pgs) ‐ Include any graphs, tables, figures and/or other types of evidence that may strengthen your analyses and recommendations. 1. Helpful Readings - Articles 1.1. Hansen & Birkinshaw, The Innovation Value Chain, HBR June 2007 1.2. Porter, The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy, HBR J...
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