False loss of a single element are referred to the

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Unformatted text preview: of two elements belong to the Category B contingencies. False. Loss of a single element are referred to the Category B. Loss of two elements belong to the Category C (Background - Slides #24~25) b. Under a steady-state operating condition, all the operating quantities that characterize the condition are constant. False. Actually, not constant but treated as constant only for purpose of analysis. (Background – Slide #29) c. A bulk power system that has adequate energy resources to support the electrical demands of its customers does not have reliability problems. False. Reliability includes adequacy and security. A system without adequacy issue could still have security issue. (Background – Slide #23) d. Power system stability is essentially a single problem; Because of high dimensionality and complexity of stability problems, it helps to make simplifying assumptions to analyze specific types of problems using an appropriate degree of detail of system representation and appropriate analytical techniques. Ture. (Background – slide #37) e. A dynamic load model enables modeling dynamic characteristics of a load with changes of the bus voltage magnitude and/or frequency at any instant of time. It can be described by algebraic functi...
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