Suppose that a newfoundland is considered overweight

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Unformatted text preview: hs more than 170 pounds. What percentage of these dogs are overweight? (A) about 5% (B) about 7% (C) about 10% (D) about 20% (E) about 30% 18. Find all angles θ that are solutions of 3sinθ =2. Page 7 19. The graph of a function f(x) is as shown. 2 5 -2 a. Sketch a graph of g(x) = f(x+2) – 3 and state the domain and range of g. 6 4 2 -5 5 10 -2 -4 Domain of g(x): Range of g(x): b. For each new transformation of f(x) describe the effect that the indicated value has on the graph: For h(x) = 5f(x-6) – 2 what is the effect of the number -2 i. on the transformation? ii. For j(x) = -3f(-x+7) + 8 what is the effect of the negative sign in front of the 3 on the transformation. iii. For j(x) = 2 f ( 1 ( x + 2) what is the effect of the number 6 on the transformation? 1 6 Page 8 20. Three cards are drawn without replacement from an ordinary 52 card deck (26 black and 26 red cards). What is the chance that they are, in order, black-red-black? 21. The graph below shows height as a function of time for a ride on a Ferris...
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