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8 eightcardsaredrawnfromastandarddeckofcards

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Unformatted text preview: the probability that women are selected for all 3 positions? _______________________________ C) How many ways can they select a team of 3 programmers to work on a project? _____________________________________ D) If the selections in part C are made randomly, what is the probability that a majority of the team mebers are women? _____________________________ 8) Eight cards are drawn from a standard deck of cards. a) What is the probability that there are 5 face cards and 3 non - face cards? ______________ b) What is the probability that all are the same suit? ________________________________ c) What is the probability that at least 1 face card will appear? _________________________ 9) Suppose that three white balls and one black ball are placed in a box. Balls are drawn without replacement until the black ball is drawn, and then the game is over. You win if the black ball is drawn on the fourth draw. a) What is the probability that you win? _____________________________ b) What are the odds that you win? _________________________________ c) What are the odds that you make only one draw? _______________________ 10) A spinner is numbered from 1 through 6 with each number as likely to occur as any other. On a single spin what are the odds in favor of the pointer landing on an even number or a number divisible by 3? 1 11) The odds in favor of event A are 3:5. What is the probability of A′ ? 12) A shipment of 28 compact disc players contains 4 that are defective. If 7 players from this shipment are selected at random and tested, what is the probability that at least one defective player will be found? 13) A poll was conducted preceding an election to determine the relationship between voter persuasion concerning a controv...
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