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Unformatted text preview: ersial issue and the area of the city in which the voter lives. Five hundred registered voters were interviewed from three areas of the city. The data are shown below. Compute the probability of having no opinion on the issue or living in the inner city. Area of City East North Inner Favor 30 25 125 Voter Opinion Oppose No opinion 45 35 65 40 70 65 14) If a single card is chosen from a standard 52 - card deck, a) What is the probability that it is red P(R)? _____________________________ b) What is the probability that it is a king P(K)? ___________________________ c) What is the probability of choosing a king if it is red P(K ∣ R)? ______________ d) Are the two events R and K dependent or independent? __________________ Mathematically explain your answer. 15) A company is to choose 4 persons from the sales department to go to a convention in the Bahamas. There are 11 people in the sales department. In how many ways can this group of 4 be chosen? 16) How many ways can a committee of 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans be selected from a state legislature that contains 11 Democrats and 10 Republicans? 17) From a standard 52 - card deck , how many 5 - card hands will have 2 clubs and 3 hearts? 18) Due to the continuous growth in the number of cases of measles reported from several different locations around the country, a drug company developed a new simple test to detect antibodies in the blood which indicate an immunity to measles. If the test shows a person lacking these antibodies, a vaccine can be administered to provide protection against the measles virus. In order to determine the effectiveness of this new test, it is administered to 500 people chosen at random. An older, more elabo...
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