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Unformatted text preview: rate test reveals that 455 of the people have the measles antibodies. The new test was positive when administered to 97% of those who have the antibodies, and it also gave positive results in 2% of those who do not have them. Based on these results, a) What is the probability that a randomly chosen person has measles antibodies in his/her blood if the new test indicates their presence? _____________________________ b) If the new test indicates that a person does not have the measles antibody, what is the probability that the person does have the measles antibody? _____________________________ 2 19) One urn has 4 red balls and 1 white ball; a second urn has 2 red balls and 3 white balls. A single card is randomly selected from a standard deck. If the card is less than 5 (aces count as 1), a ball is drawn out of the first urn; otherwise a ball is drawn out of the second urn. If the drawn ball is red, what is the probability that it came out of the second urn? 20) Volunteers for a charity raffle sold 1,000 tickets at $15 each. Tickets are to be drawn at random and monetary prizes are awarded as follows: one prize of $800; two prizes of $500; five prizes of $300; and ten prizes of $100. a) What is the expected value of this raffle to you if you buy one ticket? _________________ b) Is the game fair? Why or why not? _____________________________________ 21) The probability distribution for the random...
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