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Final review 1

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Unformatted text preview: aximum number of hours per week available for casting and firing are 70 and 65 respectively. The company makes an $8 profit on each part A and a $5 profit on each part B that it produces. How many of each type should the company produce each week in order to maximize its profit? (Show the equations and label all corner points ) (5 points) y x 21) Solve graphically: x + 2y = 5 (5 points) 3x - 3y = - 21 y x 6 22) Minimize and maximize C = x + 6 y LABEL ALL CORNER POINTS Subject to 3x + 4y ≥ 36 2 x + y ≤ 14 x , y ≥ 0 y x 23) In how many ways can a student work 7 out of 10 questions on an exam? 24) A test iscomposed of 4 multiple choice problems and 8 questions that can be answered true or false. Each multiple choice problem has 4 choices. How many different response sheets are possible if only one choice is marked for each question? 7 25) A basketball player with a free throw shooting percentage of 80% gets fouled and goes to the line to shoot two free throws. a) What are the odds in favor of her making her first shot? ______________________ b) What are her odds for making both shots? __________________________________ 26) A basketball team has 5 different positions. Out of 8 players, how many 5 - man teams are possible if: a) distinct positions are taken into consideration? _______________________ b) distinct positions are not taken into consideration? ____________________ c) distinct position is not taken into consideration but either Mike or Joe (but not both) must be on the team? ____________________ 27) Suppose you pay $1.00 to roll a fair die with the understanding that you will get back $3.00 for rolling 2 or 5. What are your expected winnings? 8 28) A bin contains 72 light bulbs of which 10 are defective and 62 are perfect. A sample of 8 bulbs is d...
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