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Whatpercentageofoperations alastlongerthan150minutes

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Unformatted text preview: rawn at random from the bin. Find a) the probability that exactly one defective bulb is drawn. ___________________ b) the probability that at least 1 defective bulb is drawn? _____________________ (4 points) 29) A group of 25 people contains 10 brunettes, 8 blondes, and 7 redheads. Of the 20 girls in the group, 8 are brunettes, 6 are blondes, and 6 are redheads. A person is selected at random. Are the events of being a girl and having brown hair independent? Show mathematically why or why not. 30) A lawyer estimates that 70% of her clients are guilty. She feels that her guilty clients are acquitted 60% of the time and that her innocent clients are acquitted 95% of the time. Suppose one particular client has been acquitted. Find the probability that the client is innocent. 9 31) Find the mean, median, mode and standard deviation for the data set: 2, 11, 35, 2, 9, 35, 11, 9, 7, 2, 2, 2, 2, 9, 2. Mean __________ Median ___________ Mode ____________ Std Deviation _____________ 32) The duration of routine operations in a certain hospital has approximately a normal distribution with an average of 130 minutes and a standard deviation of 15 minutes. What percentage of operations a) last longer than 150 minutes?____________________________ b) between 112 and 142 minutes? ________________________ 33) Each year a company selects 5 employees for a training program at a nearby university. On the average, 40% of those sent complete the course in the top 10% of their class. If we consider an employee finishing in the top 10% of the class a success in a binomial experiment, then for the 5 employees entering the program there exists a binomial distribution (P(x successes out of 5)). a) Write the function defining the distribution _____________________________ b) Construct a table for the distribution. c) Compute the mean ______________________________________ d) Compute the stand...
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