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Practice Exam 4


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Unformatted text preview: probability that a week chosen at random will have reported accidents between 33.5 to 39.5? ____________________________ Interval Tally Frequency Rel. Freq. Cumulative Freq Rel. Cumulative Freq a) y b) y x x d) 2 Assume the distribution is normal. Use the area of the normal curve to answer the question. Round to the nearest whole percent. 5) The mean clotting time of blood is 7.35 seconds, with a standard deviation of 0.35 seconds. What is the probability that a) blood clotting time will be less than 7 seconds? b) blood clotting time will be greater than 8 seconds? c) less than 7.5 seconds? d) between 6 seconds and 7.4 seconds? 6) If the probability of a person contracting influenza on exposure is .6, consider the binomial distribution for a family of 6that has been exposed. What is the probability that a) none will get influenza? ________________________________________ b) all will get influenza? ___________________________________________ c) at least two will get influenza? ____________________________________ 7) Each year a company selects 5 employees for a training program at a nearby university. On the average, 40% of those sent complete the course in the top 10% of their class. If we consider an employee finishing in the top 10% of the class a success in a binomial experiment, then for the 5 employees entering the program there exists a binomial distribution (P(x successes out of 5)). a) Write the function defining the distribution _____________________________ b) Construct a table for the distribution. c) Compute the mean ______________________________________ d) Compute the standard deviation ________________________________ 3 Answer Key Testname: M118‐PRACTICE‐TEST4 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) a) 2.94 in. b) 3.45 a) b) c) 2.8 a) 69% b) 97% c) 100% d) e) g) h) a) 16% b) 3% c) 67% d) 56% a) .004096 b) .046656 c) .95904 7) a) 5 Cx.4x.65 - x b) P(0) = .07776, P(1) = .2592, P(2) =.3456, P(4) = .0768 P(5) = .01024 c) 2 d) 1.0954 4...
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