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Unformatted text preview: ally contained, what is the approximate age of the artifact to the nearest year? (carbon - 14 decays at the rate of 0.0125% annually.) 26) A certain radioactive isotope decays at a rate of 0.3% annually. Determine the half - life of this isotope, to the nearest year. 27) The number of bacteria in a certain culture grows exponentially. If 5000 bacteria were present initially and 8,000 were present 10 minutes later, how long will it take for the number of bacteria to double? 28) The price of wheat per bushel at time t (in months) is f(t) = 4 + .001t + .01e- t. What is the percentage rate of change at t = 1? 2 29) A lake is stocked with 100 fish. After 3 months there are 250 fish. The formula for the number of fish in the lake 1000 t months after it is stocked is P(t) = 1 + Be-1000kt a) Find B. b) Find k c) How many fish will be in the lake after 4 months? Solve the problem. 30) The demand function for a certain product is given by D(p) = 800e- 0.1p, where p is price per unit. Recall that total revenue is given by R(p) = pD(p). At what price per unit p will the revenue be maximum? 31) The aerobic rating o...
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