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Unformatted text preview: is Cʹ(x) = 6x - 12 and the fixed cost is $7. ∫ ∫ 12x - Solve the problem. 21) Given the velocity and initial position of a body moving along a coordinate line at time t, find the bodyʹs position at time t. v = - 20t + 3, s(0) = 10 ∫ t t - 64 dt -8 12) 3 dx x 8 y + dy 8 y 23) The rate at which an assembly line workerʹs efficiency E (expressed as a percent) changes with respect to time t is given by Eʹ(t) = 80 - 8t, where t is the number of hours since the workerʹs shift began. Assuming that E(1) = 96, find E(t). 1 24) A heli...
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