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Unformatted text preview: ncil box. How much does the notebook cost? USE AN EQUATION TO SOLVE. 11) For safety reasons, the local preschool allows their students to ride only on tricycles and wagons. If I count 73 riding toys in the yard with total of 276 wheels, how many tricycles and how many wagons does the preschool own? USE AN EQUATION TO SOLVE. 18) Determine whether the relation is a function. a. b. 12) If you have a bunch of 10 cent stamps and 5 cent stamps, and you know that there are 20 stamps and their value is $1.50, how many of each stamp do you have? USE AN EQUATION TO SOLVE. c. d. 13) Ron and Kathy are ticket- sellers at their class play. Ron is selling student tickets for $4.00 each, and Kathy selling adult tickets for $6.50 each. If their total income for 28 tickets was $ 154.50, how many tickets did Ron sell? USE AN EQUATION TO SOLVE. 14) The set of ordered pairs is a function. Find a rule that could describe the function. {(6, 18), (7, 21), (9, 27), (11, 33)} 15) Find a function such that the domain...
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