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Unformatted text preview: lass to pick a number (any number). Add 4 to the number. Multiply your result by 6. Subtract 9 from that product. Divide this by 3. And finally subtract 5. USING ONLY ALGEBRAIC NOTATION 3) Write an algebraic expression describing each of the following: (Simplify completely) a. Eight more than twice a number (pick x as your original number) walk your way through this trick and then describe how the final answer relates to the original number chosen by the student. The cost of a taxi ride for n miles if the charge is $2.50 plus $.50 per mile c. The sum of 2 consecutive odd numbers d. Joelʹs total earning after 3 years if the first year his salary was s dollars, the second year it was $3000 higher, and the third year it was twice as much as the first year. e. Mark has half as many stickers as Derek. If Derek has d stickers and Mark m stickers, and Derek gives Mark 26 stickers, how many stickers does each have in terms of d? b. 4) Solve each of the follow...
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