T102 SECTION 9.5 Permut & Combin

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Unformatted text preview: ow many different 5 card hands can be dealt from a deck of 52 cards? 3. How many ways could you arrange the letters in the word HAPPINESS? 4. 5. The FDA is testing a new drug with 18 volunteers. Five will receive a placebo and the rest the drug. How many different placebo groups are possible? How many different drug groups are possible? What is the probability that in a 6 question True/False quiz you answer only 50% of the questions correctly? THIS IS THE SUM OF THE “BRANCHES” OF THE TREE DIAGRAM THAT HAVE 3 NOTE: CORRECT AND 3 INCORRECT ANSWERS. WE DO NOT WANT TO CREATE THE TREE! Now keep creating the tree? Ugh! Do we really want to do this??? a. b. What is the probability of answering 3 correct and 3 incorrect?____________________________ How many different ways are there to get 3 right and 3 wrong?___________________________ (That is, how many branches have 3 I’s and 3 C’s? I‐C‐I‐C‐I‐C, I‐I‐I‐C‐C‐C, etc… since we can’t count them from the tree diagram, we can count them using our combination formula) c. Multiply (a) by (b): __________________________...
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