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734 johann nikolaus forkel on joh seb bachs life art

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Unformatted text preview: 4) Johann Nikolaus Forkel, On Joh. Seb. Bach's Life, Art and Works, Leipzig, 1802, transl. C. S. Terry, London, 1920, p. 49: Fingers bent and tips perpendicular to the plane of the keys '[J. S.] Bach placed his hand on the finger-board so that his fingers were bent and their extremities poised perpendicularly over the keys in a plane parallel to them. Consequently none of his fingers was remote from the note it was intended to strike. [So placed] the fingers cannot fall or Fingers PLACED Text (as so often happens) be thrown upon the notes, but are placed upon them. rather than fallen . . . We gather that the action of Bach's fingers was so slight as to be or thrown on the barely perceptible. Only the top joint seemed to move. His hand pre- keys served its rounded shape even in the most intricate passages.' (c) Though the approach must be smooth, the depressing of the keys must be firm even for soft effects, and very strong for loud effects. Depressing of the The dynamic contrast made by strengthening the touch is not great on keys the harpsichord, but it is sufficient to mould a phrase or give an impression of loud and soft playing. A touch...
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