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yet neither pedals nor the knee levers sometimes

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Unformatted text preview: ither pedals nor the knee-levers sometimes encountered became common enough for us to regard the demand for them as at all typical of the baroque period. In general, even the presence of a 16-foot register was not in favour; it can best be dispensed with, since it adds greatly to the pressure on the instrument and lessens its resonance. There can be no doubt that a moderate and restrained registration suits a great proportion of harpsichord music very much better than a continual dancing on the pedals. It is true that some pieces cry out for showy registration - the showier the better; but far more need a broad scheme of contrasts, mostly at section endings, without much use of sensational colourings and great crescendos and diminuendos. Quite often the only changes really required are those gained by moving from one keyboard to the other, for a contrast of colour, of volume, or of both. That is a particularly characteristic recourse on the harpsichord; yet even that must be foregone on a single-manual instrument. Two 8'...
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