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even when the hand has to be moved to a certain part

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Unformatted text preview: ven when the hand has to be moved to a certain part of the keyboard, it is still necessary for the finger used to drop on to the key by its own movement alone. 'The fingers must drop on to the keys and not hit them . . . never weight the touch of your fingers by the effort of your hand.' Positioning at key 570 This technique is much facilitated by an easy position at the keyboard, the elbows hanging loose, and the fingers curved each to the 571 573 pressed down with decided force. . . . So long as it is not done after the' fashion of a woodchopper, the lifting of the hands is not merely ' wrong, but needful and good, in so far as they provide an obvious method of showing the tempo to the remaining performers, and all the keys to be 572 extent required to compensate for its difference in length. From Girolamo Diruta (// Transilvano, Venice, 1597) to Jean-Philippc Rameau (he. cit. [1724]) we read descriptions of these points which vary only in detail. The following later accounts are particularly vivid. (733) Dr....
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