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f a point of harpsichord technique closely related

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Unformatted text preview: oint of harpsichord technique closely related to touch is the almost imperceptible spreading of all chords containing more than two or three notes. A correctly adjusted harpsichord plucks the strings of its different registers, when these are coupled, not simultaneously but in rapid succession, as may be tested by lowering the key with extreme slowness. The player applies the same principle to his fingers, starting from the lowest note, which takes the beat; but the successive notes of the chord follow so closely that they are not heard as coming after the beat. They are heard as simultaneous—unless, of course, they are more perceptibly spread for a deliberate effect of arpeggiation. If this point is neglected, either in adjusting the action or in performance, so that more than at most three strings are plucked quite simultaneously, interference occurs among the high harmonics and combination tones, which is heard as painful harshness. Under these conditions, the harpsichord sounds unnaturally ruthless. The d...
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