Mus 352 Reading Report Article 3

229 b ed of 1787 the best result is obtained when best

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Unformatted text preview: 29 (b)]. [Ed. of 1787:] The best result is obtained when best instrument and preferred to express on it his finest thoughts. He held lacked in soul, the finger delays its rocking until half the duration of the note is ovc- r. the Harpsichord, or Clavicembalo, incapable of the gradations of tone incapable of Ex. 229. C. P. E. Bach, Essay, Berlin, 1753, III, 20, Tragen <ler obtainable on the Clavichord, an instrument which, though slight in gradations of Tone and Bebung: tone. quality, is extremely flexible.' (744a) J. F. Reichardt, Briefe eines . . . Reisenden, II, Frankfurt and Breslau,1776,p. 17: '[Of] the extraordinary strength which [C. P. E.] Bach sometimes gives to a passage [on the clavichord]: it is the greatest fortissimo. Another clavichord [than his very fine Silbermann] would go to pieces under it; and in the same way with his finest pianissimo, which would not speak at all on another clavichord. [C. P. E. Bach, Essay, 1753, Introd., 12, says that the touch of the clavichord requires the strings to be "attacked" as well as...
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