Mus 352 Reading Report Article 3

2j c the rendering would be somewhat as shown at ex

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Unformatted text preview: y the word tremolo [as at Ex. 2J() (c)]. The rendering would be somewhat as shown at [Ex. 230 (d) and (c)|. 'One holds the finger on the key for the full duration of the note, ami tries by gently reiterated pressures to reinforce the tone. I need hardly say that there has to be a relaxation after each pressure, yet the finger must not leave the key. 'This ornament can only be performed on a clavichord, and indeed on a very good one. 'One must not use the Bebung too often, and must avoid the distressing exaggeration caused by using too much pressure.' Ex. 231. Georg Simon Lohlein, Clavier-Schule, Leipzig and Ziillichau, 1765-81, fifth ed., Ziillichau and Freystadt, 1791, p. 19: 578 Ex. 230. Turk, loc. cit., Bebung on the clavichord: 'The performance of this work, which is called Tragen der Tone, can only be done well on the clavichord' (aus dem Claviere). In addition to its expressive value, the normal vibrato of the clavichord is useful in picking out an entry or leading part in contrapuntal solo music, by giving that part...
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