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733 dr charles burney an account of the musical

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Unformatted text preview: Charles Burney, An account of the Musical Performances . . . in Commemoration of Handel, London, 1785, p. 35: struck w ith due weight so that the notes sound clearly, as the rules of good performance demand.' (737) [J. Mainwaring], Memoirs of Handel, London, 1760, p. 61: 'Though no two persons ever arrived at such perfection on their respective instruments, yet it is remarkable that there was a total difference in their manner. The characteristic excellence of SCARLATTI seems to have consisted in a certain elegance and delicacy of expression. HANDEL had an uncommon brilliancy and command of finger: but what distinguished him from all other players who possessed these same qualities, was that amazing fulness, force, and energy, which hejoined with them.' '[Handel's] touch was so smooth, and the tone of the instrument so much cherished, that his fingers seemed to grow to the keys. They were Handel’s fingers… so curved and compact, when he played, that no motion, and scarcely the fingers themselves, could be discovered.' (73...
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