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Fortissimo is of course here a relative term it was

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Unformatted text preview: "caressed". "Fortissimo" is of course here a relative term.]' It was fairly common practice in Germany to found the player's touch on the clavichord before putting him on to the harpsichord, and C. P. E. Bach (Essay, I, Berlin, 1753, Introd., 15) recommends the sensitiveness of touch which a good clavichordist can bring to the harpsichordist. Experience confirms this recommendation. (b) The vibrato on the clavichord is capable of a development which turns it into a modified kind of tremolo. By a slight exaggeration of the I .1 (746) Franz Rigler, Anleitung zum Klavier, Vienna [1779]: '[Tragen der Tone is] when the key is somewhat slowly rocked ( b u t Bebung] when the tone is rocked quite clearly according to the number of dots, without actual repetition of the finger stroke.' (747) D. G. Turk, Klavierschule, Leipzig and Halle, 1789, Sect. 88: 'The Bebung (Fr. Balancement; It. Tremolo) can only be used to good effect on long notes, and in pieces of a melancholy character. It is u sually indicated [as at Ex 230 (a) or (b)] or b...
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