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In this respect there were some remarkable

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Unformatted text preview: came extremely numerous. In this respect, there were some remarkable anticipations of the 'orchestral' organ of the Liszt period; but the wind pressure was still much lower and the attack much more positive. The eighteenth century civilised the organ; the nineteenth transformed it. The twentieth has made remarkable amends, with a large and growing number of excellent new organs built on baroque principles and well informed organists to make good use of them. Even with low wind pressure, tracker action can grow heavy, but has the great advantage of feeling more alive to the player than e ither pneumatic or electric. (b) What we know of baroque registration suggests that bold contrasts continued to be more in favour than gradations. A baroque original is likely to be rich in mixtures (stops combining intervals not unison or octave — e.g. tenths or twelfths) and mutations ( in ducing one such interval, and therefore having the effect of m i \ i u n when added to foundation stops). These lend themselves to colourings rather than t...
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