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Indeed the two techniques merge so closely that it is

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Unformatted text preview: Indeed, the two techniques merge so closely that it is not easy 2. THE CLAVICHORD 577 brass tangent against the string (or pair of strings in the best examples) at the farther end. This contact is maintained so long as the note continues; and it gives what keyboard instruments ordinarily lack, a direct and sensitive vibrato. In every way, the player's control is the least mechanised and most responsive possible to a keyboard instrument. The range of tone is from almost nothing at the least to not very much at the most; but this not very much can sound by contrast violently loud in a passage such as the sudden great chords in J. S. Bach's Chromatic Fantasia. Such an instrument is at its best in a room, and can only just hold the attention in a small hall. With electric amplification, its intimate character is impaired, and it is unsuitable for large-scale public performance. (744) Johann Nikolaus Forkel, op. cit., p. 58: Bebung & Tragen der Tone to distinguish them either in theory or in practice....
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