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The a rcane baroque reeds are also full of clean

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Unformatted text preview: o subtle blends and grades. The a rcane baroque reeds are also full of clean, strong colour. Such an organs I find never sound muddy or opaque; and the sharpness of the voicing make it far more interesting than the bland tones and smooth a t t a c k subsequently favoured. The swell-box was an early eighteenth-century invention, not much exploited till the nineteenth. Crescendos and diminuendos are not in the fundamental character of the organ. A skilful gradation of r egister can give all the impression of climax or relaxation needed — especially if there is an assistant in the organ loft to help work the stops. (c) Because of its sustained tone and lack of dynamic accentuation the organ needs even more generous silences of phrasing and an iculation than other instruments. (d) In accompanying, the organ has to avoid not only being too l oin I but too opaque for the accompanied parts. (748) Friedrich Erhard Niedt, Musicalische Handleitung, II, 1 " /(><> ed. of!721,XI,xiv: 'When only one or two parts sing or play, he needs on the main merely the 8-foot Gedackt and no pedal at all; if there are more p a r t s to of position,...
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