Mus 352 Reading Report Article 3

The harpsichord piece les bergeries by couperin

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Unformatted text preview: fundamental to good harpsichord technique. The harpsichord piece 'Les Bergeries' by Couperin appears in his Livre II, Ordre 6; a facsimile is included at the end of the Bach Neue Ausgabe, Ser. V, Bd. 4, Kritischer Bericht. It was copied by Anna Magdalena Bach into her famous notebook (Bach Neue Ausgabe, V, 4, p. 85). Couperin's notation (characteristically precise) shows at the start overlapping notes in the left hand; Anna Magdalena's copy shows only single notes. But if these are held down as they obviously should be held down, they overlap just as they are written in Couperin's own notation. (752c) Michel de Saint-Lambert, Principes du clavecin, Paris, 1702, p. 41: 'There are passages, which without being Chords, become such by the manner in which the notes are managed, and by the rule which obliges one to hold down certain ones, until others have been touched.' Donnington, Robert. “Keyboards.” The Interpretation of Early Music. W.W. Norton & Company, 1992 pp. 571-580 Keyboard fingerings… Early system: exploit natural differences of length and strength in human digits, and changes of their position, as aids to good phrasing and articulation Modern system: minimize these differences and changes as aid to facility and versatality...
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