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The latter minimise these differences and changes as

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Unformatted text preview: as aids to good phrasing and articulation. The latter minimise these differences and changes, as an aid to facility and versatility. All early systems assumed that there are good (strong) and bad (weak) digits, though not always quite agreed as to which is which. As accompany, he can bring in the Untersatz or sub-bass 16-foot [except in .1 bassctto passage; but] for a choir of eight, twelve or more . . . the 8 - foot principal in the manual and in the pedal as sub-bass, another 581 580 octave. If the work is with trumpets and kettledrums, then in the pedal, besides the 8-foot octave, a trombone bass of 16-foot is brought in; the notes, however, must not be held on the whole or half of a bar [if written so], but rather just allowed to speak.' (749) Johann David Heinichen, Anweisung, Hamburg, 1711, p. 226: 'In church recitatives, where one is dealing with sustained and humming pipe-work [the chords are held unembellished] till another chord follows, which is again held on [unless] the hands are quickly taken...
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