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Two 8 4 is my ideal see also chapter xxxi 6c above the

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Unformatted text preview: + 4' is my ideal. See also Chapter XXXI, 6c above. The truth is that valuable as imaginative and well-planned registration can be, it is a secondary art. The primary art of harpsichord playing lies in touch, phrasing and articulation. 'A slur which covers several notes shows that they must all be held from one end of the slur to the other for as long as one touches them [i.e., till they require reiteration—the example making it clear, however, Secondary art of harpsichord is registration and that only notes within the same harmony are intended].' PRIMARY is touch, phrasing, and articulation rocking of the finger by which vibrato is produced, the note is given a new Exaggerating (a) The action of the clavichord is nothing but a pivoted lever which vibrato creates a emphasis which almost but not quite amounts to reiteration. Both tremelo effect—> vibrato and near-reiteration are given the German name Bebung when pressed by the finger at the nearer end thrusts a wedge-shaped (trembling); the latter may be distinguished as Tragen der Tone (sustaining the tone), but these names occasionally seem to be confused or 576 reversed....
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