Mus 352 Reading Report Article 3

Xxxii 2 above 752 j s petri anleitung lauban 17672nd

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Unformatted text preview: ic. See rest of passage at (411) in Ch. XXXII, 2 above].' (752) J. S. Petri, Anleitung, Lauban, 1767,2nd ed., Leipzig, 1782, p. 17: 'The organist [when accompanying] takes the chords short; [avoids reeds, mixtures and mutations; with a small church and organ, draws only] one 8-foot Gedackt, or, if this is too softly voiced, two 8-foot stops in the manual, and in the pedal a 16-foot or two at most, and again an 8foot principal for the forte, and for the loudest forte a 4-foot, which however is better absent. And yet, when the singer comes in and the piano arrives, the 8-foot stop must be taken out, so that the bass does not overwhelm the piano of the violins and flutes. Moreover the notes must be taken offshort. . . .'[But beware of exaggerating this as a mannerism.] 5. FINGERING There is a very interesting general distinction between early systems of keyboard fingering and modern systems. The former exploit the natural differences of length and strength in the human digits, and their changes KEYBOARDS (752a) Francois Couperin, VArt de...
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