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Unformatted text preview: n cd ntedfeetcan. ○ Hmgoi:i aefo orppiecan,te eolbn smd rmfu etd his h “lh”cancnan w bt”can. Apa hi otisto“ea his ■ Lbpoen:atilcrd bt iis iortis rgyeie(ohlpd) cmiewt rti obn ihapoen ■ Gyortis obso abnadpoen lcpoen:cmo fcro n rti ■ Teoealsaeo rti oeue h vrl hp fapoenmlcl dtrie t ucin eemnsisfnto. ● Tedsuto fpoenfligi ald h irpino rti odn scle dntrto eauain ○ E.srih arv.cry x tagthi s ul ● Poensaei atclryiprati rti hp spriual motn n ezm oeue epiiit n nyemlclshl ntaead aclrt h hmclratosi u ceeaeteceia ecin nor bde. ois...
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