Representation Reading ECI 314 Early Childhoodhood Mathematics

Because children can invent their own symbols the

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Unformatted text preview: Likewise, they can use 8 fingers, 8 counters, or 8 tally marks as symbols for 8 apples. Because children can invent their own symbols, the pictures they get in workbooks are unnecessary. If they need a picture to solve a problem, they will draw their own pictures, as we will see later in this chapter and in Chapter 9. Examples of signs (the right-hand side of Figure 2.1) are the spoken words “apple” and “eight” and the written numeral “8.” Signs do not resemble the objects represented, and their source is conventions, which are made by people. In other words, signs belong to social (conventional) knowledge and. Representation 21 unlike pictures and tally marks, signs cannot be invented by children. Signs are parts of systems, and other examples of such systems are mathematical signs (such as “+”), musical notations, and the Morse code, which require social transmission. Symbols and signs thus have different sources, and signs (such as writ­ ten numerals) do not develop out of symbols (such as pictures). Furthermore, there is no such thing...
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