Representation Reading ECI 314 Early Childhoodhood Mathematics

Childrens inconsistent and organized methods are both

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Unformatted text preview: whole relationships through construc­ tive abstraction. If they can make this relationship, they use their fingers (sym­ bols) at a higher level than those who cannot. Independently of counting-all or counting-on, some children count on fin­ gers methodically while others do not. Some always start with the index, count the other 3 fingers in sequence, and then the thumb. Others always start with the thumb and proceed in sequence to the little finger. Whichever method they invent, these children consistently use the same sequence. Others are inconsis­ tent in their use of fingers and get incorrect answers. Children’s inconsistent and organized methods are both manifestations of the relationships they make or do not make in their heads, through constructive abstraction. Playing Cards As stated earlier, teachers often ask why we use playing cards in kindergar­ ten when Piaget said to give concrete objects to young children. Piaget would say that children use objects as well as pictures of objects at their respective levels of abstraction. In playing Double War (see Chapter 1 1 ) , for example, some R...
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