Representation Reading ECI 314 Early Childhoodhood Mathematics

If objects were used in double war the game would be

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Unformatted text preview: epresentation 31 children deal the cards with an organized sequence, but others do not follow a consistent pattern and are surprised toward the end of the game that one player has more cards than the other. (In Double War, children compare 2 cards show­ ing 3 and 3, for example, with 2 cards showing 3 and 2. The one who has the larger total takes all 4 cards.) Those who count the symbols on the cards by countingall would also count-all if the same quantities were presented with counters. Playing cards in Double War serve only to communicate questions, and cards make it possible for addends to come up by chance. If objects were used in Double War, the game would be unacceptably cumbersome. Whether the question is presented with symbols, signs, or objects, the arithmetic of the game takes place in children’s heads, through constructive abstraction. Base-10 Blocks Base-10 blocks and Unifix cubes are used on the assumption that they rep­ resent or embody “ones,” “tens,” “hundreds,” and so on. According to Piaget, however, objects, pictures, and words do no...
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