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Representation Reading ECI 314 Early Childhoodhood Mathematics

Rather the problem con text is drawn in greater or

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Unformatted text preview: s were meant to repre­ sent bowls. Manipulatives are thus not useful or useless in themselves. Their utility depends on the relationships children can make, through constructive abstraction. Children's Preference for Drawing. Olivier, Murray, and Human (1991) made the following statement about children in a constructivist math program they developed in South Africa: Although informal writing materials as well as counters are always available, it seems that students seldom use counters to model a problem. Rather, the problem con­ text is drawn in greater or lesser detail, and then solved by further drawing in the actions needed. For example, Leana (grade 1) divides 18 cookies among three children one at a time [see Figure 2.3], and Conrad (also grade 1) two at a time, (p. 17) I (CK) have asked many kindergarten and first-grade teachers in many parts of the United States and Japan to conduct research in their classrooms to test the validity of Olivier et al.’s statement. I asked them to remind their students frequently that they (the students) were free to use the counters, paper, pencil, or anyth...
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