Representation Reading ECI 314 Early Childhoodhood Mathematics

This is the first type in which precise numerical

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Unformatted text preview: iagetian sense). Some children invented symbols to represent the correct num­ ber, and others used 3 conventional letters as symbols to represent Representation 23 3 balls (such as “TIL” and “AE1,” which are not words). This is the first type in which precise numerical ideas made an appearance. 4. One-to-one correspondence with numerals. One of the examples for 3 balls is “123,” and another example is “333.” It can be said that the children who wrote these numerals felt the need to represent each ob­ ject or their action of counting. 5. Cardinal value alone. We finally see “3” for 3 balls and “5” for 5 houses (along with “invented” spelling in French for the spoken numerals trois, deux, and cinq). 6. Cardinal value and object-kind. Examples of this type are “4 pencils” and “5 houses.” (“Crèion” and “mèzone" are invented spellings for cray­ ons and maisons.) These representations show a simultaneous focus on the quantitative and qualitative aspects of...
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