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Representation Reading ECI 314 Early Childhoodhood Mathematics

This is why missing addend problems are easier in a

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Unformatted text preview: ems is one of reading, or representation. As can be seen in Figure 2.9, 2 + 3 =________ presented in writing requires thinking in only one direction. By contrast, 2 +______ = 5 requires thinking from 34 Theoretical Foundation Figure 2.9. Thought that must go in two directions to understand a written missing-addend problem. the first addend to the sum, and back to the second addend, simultaneously. This thinking involves reversibility of thought, which was discussed in Chapter 1 in connection with class inclusion. Since many first graders’ thought is not yet reversible, written missing-addend problems are too hard for many of them to understand. In other words, many first graders cannot answer the question because they do not understand the question in written form. In Piggy Bank, by contrast, the numeral 2 has to be read, but the 5 is in the child’s head. This is why missing-addend problems are easier in a card game. It was hypothesized in the following study that when children’s thinking becomes reversible (constructive abstraction), they becom...
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