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95 ci for p pcap 196se 66140 19600422

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Unformatted text preview: of voters who voted for the Democratic candidate. 95% CI for p = p‐cap ± 1.96(SE) = 66/140 ± 1.96(0.0422) = 0.4714 ± 0.0827 = (0.3887, 0.5541) b. The standard error becomes smaller when n is larger. 1 ST1131 Introduction to Statistics Tutorial 7 Your explaination to 8.36 should be in two sentences or less. a. 95% is the confidence level, not the proportion of females. b. Should be ‘If random samples …, then 95% of the time the CI would contain the population mean’. c. The CI is for population mean, not...
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