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B thefirsteventhasnobearingonthesecondevent c

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Unformatted text preview: in young population. ST1131 Introduction to Statistics a. Dependent. If people has visited Europe, it is very likely people flew there. b. The first event has no bearing on the second event. c. Dependent. People are likely to visit more than one country. d. Independent. They are unrelated. e. Events in (a) most dependent, 4 events in (d) the least dependent. Tutorial 5 Conditional probability = P(D|C) = 0.26 The probability refers to drug availability while going clubs is the condition. P 0.37 Positive 0.63 Sensitivity Negative 0.25 H c Positive Specificity 0.87 Negative 0.75 H 0.13...
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