You want my parents to go to the movie theater mi

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Unformatted text preview: T ie ie INSISTIR en TO INSIST MANDAR TO ORDER PROHIBIR TO PROHIBIT QUERER TO WANT TO RECOMMEND PEDIR TO ASK FOR i i DESEAR TO WISH PERMITIR TO PERMIT RECOMENDAR ie DECIR TO SAY These verbs express the wishes, preferences, suggestion, and request. They also imply commands of the speaker. Deseo MAIN CLAUSE DEPENDENT NOUN CLAUSE I WISH MY FRIENDS COULD COME TO MY PARTY. que mis amigos vengan a mi fiesta. VENIR VENG A A PONER la mesa LIMPIAR la casa QUITAR la mesa PLANCHAR la ropa LAVAR la cafetera LIMPIAR la alfombra COCINAR LAVAR el suelo BARRER el suelo VERBS THAT REQUIRE AN INDIRECT OBJECT PRONOUN ACONSEJAR TO ADVISE DECIR TO SAY PEDIR TO ASK FOR RECOMENDAR TO RECOMMEND SUGERIR TO SUGGEST me te le nos os les The indirect object pronoun is the recipient of the action. When the main clause expresses who the recipient of the action is, you don't have to indicate it in the dependent noun clause because is already understood. Te aconsejo que hagas tu cama. I ADVISE YOU TO MAKE YOUR BED. MAIN CLAUSE DEPENDENT NOUN CLAUSE HACER A HAGA HAGAS HAGA HAGAMOS HAGAIS HAGAN YO T L NOSOTROS VOSOTROS ELLOS YO T L NOSOTROS VOSOTROS ELLOS La profesora nos sugiere que vayamos a la biblioteca todos los das. THE PROFESSOR SUGGEST THAT WE GO TO THE LIBRARY EVERYDAY. IR A VAYA VAYAS VAYA VAYAMOS VAYIS VAYAN YO T L NOSOTROS VOSOTROS ELLOS VERBS THAT REQUIRE AN INDIRECT OBJECT PRONOUN ACONSEJAR DECIR PEDIR TO ADVISE TO TELL TO REQUEST SUGERIR TO SUGGEST RECOMENDAR TO RECOMMEND me te le nos os les Te recomiendo que laves los platos. I RECOMMEND YOU TO WASH THE DISHES. LIMPIAR la casa LAVAR la manta SACUDIR los muebles HACER la cama LIMPIAR el microondas QUITAR la mesa PONER la mesa PLANCHAR la ropa ENSUCIAR LIMPIAR la pared IN THIS TYPE OF SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION THE SUBJECT OF THE MAIN CLAUSE TRIES TO INFLUENCE THE SUBJECT OF THE DEPENDENT NOUN CLAUSE. Carmen quiere que yo vaya a la alcoba. CARMEN WANTS ME TO GO TO THE BEDROOM. La profesora quiere que yo haga los ejercicios de la pgina dos. THE PROFFESSOR WANTS ME TO DO THE EXERCISES FROM PAGE 02. WHEN INFLUENCE IS NOT EXPRESSED, USE THE VERB FOLLOWED BY AN INFINITIVE. Carmen quiere ir a la farmacia. La profesora quiere evaluar los ejercicios de la pgina dos. Impersonal expressions ES BUENO QUE IT'S GOOD THAT ES MALO QUE IT'S BAD THAT ES NECESARIO QUE IT'S NECESSARY THAT ES IMPORTANTE QUE IT'S IMPORTANT THAT QUE ES MEJOR QUE ES URGENTE QUE IT'S BETTER THAT IT'S URGENT THAT Es necesario que barra el suelo. BARRER IT'S NECESSARY THAT YOU SWEEP THE FLOOR. -a -e Es mejor que planche la ropa. IT'S BETTER THAT I IRON THE CLOTHES. PLANCHAR LIMPIAR la casa SACAR la basura PONER la mesa PASAR la aspiradora COCINAR ENSUCIAR HACER la cama LAVAR los platos QUITAR la mesa...
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