In other words since we are discussing real valued

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Unformatted text preview: used to ensure that the result is positive. In other words, since we are discussing real-valued signals, every negative-frequency component is accompanied by a positive-frequency counterpart. When asked for “the frequency” of a sinusoidal signal, we report the positive number. 1 1-16 Solution The bandwidth of a raised-cosine pulse is W = 21 (1 + β ). With T = 1µs and β = 0.5, W = 750kHz. The T bandwidth occupied by a DSB-SC signal is 2W, hence the bandwidth occupied by the transmitted signal is 1.5 MHz. 2 3-1 Solution The 8 possible topologies for a 2-terminal RLC circuit are shown below R L L C (a) L C (b) C R (c) C C C R L C L R (d) R L R R (e) L R (f) (g) L (h) C Figure 1: Eight possible two-terminal RLC circuits. Only circuits (c), (e), (f), and (g) have finite, pur...
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