The term m 2 1 is nonzero in the range 2 1 2 w if

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Unformatted text preview: omain signal at the output is S (ω ) = Sc (ω ) + Sc￿ (ω ) 1 [M (ω + ω2 − ω1 )H (ω + ω2 ) + M (ω − ω2 + ω1 )H (ω − ω2 )] 2 Consider the second term, which represents the positive-frequency part of the signal. The filter H (ω − ω2 ) will pass all frequencies within the range ω2 ± π W . The overall width of this filter is 2π W which is just wide enough to pass one sideband. The term M (ω − ω2 + ω1 ) is nonzero in the range ω2 − ω1 ± 2π W . If we place the center of M (ω − ω2 + ω1 )...
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