A the peak phase deviation is 5 radians b the

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Unformatted text preview: gnal consists of a single tone with frequency fm = 1000 Hz = 1 kHz. a. The peak phase deviation is 5 radians. b. The instantaneous frequency deviation ∆ω (t) = d dt θ (t) = 104 π cos(2π 1000t) s−1 . c. The peak frequency deviation, ∆fmax , is 5 kHz. d. According to Carson’s rule, the bandwidth is BW = 2(fm + ∆fmax ) = 2(1 + 5) kHz = 12 kHz. e. The spectrum of s(t) will consist of delta functions located at fc ± nfm . The filter will allow the carrier component and the first three sidebands to pass, i.e. the delta functions corresponding...
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