It remains to solve for l and c use the measured

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Unformatted text preview: RC Clearly, R = 75Ω. It remains to solve for L and C . Use the measured impedance data to write two equations for these unknowns. For example, note that Z ￿ 310 + j 0 at ω = 2π × 107 , so 310((1 − ω 2 LC ) + j ω RC ) = R + j ω L with ω = 2π 107 and R = 75Ω. Equating real and imaginary parts in this equation: 310(1 − ω 2 LC ) = R 310ω RC = ω L The solution is: C ￿ 90.9pF, L ￿ 2.1µH. The exact values used to produce the original plot were: C = 90pF, L = 2µH. 3-5 Solution 1 a. A real capacitor has series inductance, L. If loss is ignored, then the impedance w...
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