Thus the output power will be proportional to p1 and

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Unformatted text preview: n be ignored, the output component at frequency f 1 is due mainly to the first-order term. Thus, the output power will be proportional to P1 and this component would decrease by 2 dB. On the other hand, the component 2f1 − f2 originates from the third-order term through a product of the form A2 cos2 (ω1 t)A2 cos(ω2 t). The power in this term will be proportional 1 2 to P1 so this term would decrease by 4 dB. The component at 3f1 results from a 3 term of the form A3 cos3 (ω1 t). The power in this term is proportional to Pin so 1 this term decreases by 6 dB. Similar reasoning applied to the other components yields the following results for the change in power resulting from a decrease of 2 dB in P1 : Component f1 2f2 2f2 − f1 2f1 − f2 3f1 1 Change -2 dB 0 dB -2 dB -4 dB -6 dB...
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