The transformer of the overall circuit calculate yin

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Unformatted text preview: NTRODUCTION TO 2-PORT PARAMETERS − Z21 −1 = Converting to Z-parameters 7.7.3 7.8 Converting to Y-parameters Y11 Y21 7.7.2 (7.83) Z11 Z21 = 1 Z21 Summary DZ Z21 Z22 Z21 = − Y22 Y21 − Y1 21 Y − D21 Y − Y11 Y21 = Dh − h21 − h11 h21 − h22 h21 − h1 21 the properties of the broadband transformer. labeled capacitors are coupling and bypass elements. The transformer of the overall circuit. • Calculate Yin , Yout , and Av in terms of the Y parameters of the overall circuit. + + + - + - - Figure 7.22: Small signal model of amplifier with series and shunt feedback and 4:1 output transformer. Rf + Vbe rπ - ro gm Vbe RS Re RL Figure 7.23: Feedback amplifier drawn as a set of interconnected 2-ports. The Z matrix for the hybrid-π 2-port is: frequency Mu2 Mu K B1 M 1e8 0.7215 0.7721 0.7343 0.722 17 1e8 0.7215 0.7721 0.7343 0.722 17 2 Arcs.0003 Arcs.0004 Ar frequency Mu2 Mu K B1 MAG MSG 1e8 0.7215 0.7721 0.7343 0.722 17.5 / 10.6° 17.2 1e8 0.7215 0.7721 0.7343 0.722 17.5 / 10.6° 17.2 test 1 / 42.7° 1 / 42.7° Arcs.0003: 160 frequency: 1e+08 StabCircleL: 0.68-j0.384 Arcs.0003 Typical Applications Amplifier with Gain = 20 Minimum Parts Amp DS006976-3 Amplifier with Gain = 50 Low Distortion Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Technical Data MBC13900/D Rev. 0, 06/2002 MBC13900 NPN Silicon Low Noise Transistor !"#$%&'()*+ Freescale Semiconductor, Inc... Package Information Plastic Package Case 318M (SOT-343) Ordering Information Device Marking Package MBC13900T1 900 SOT-343 The MBC13900 is a high performance transistor fabricated using Motorola’s 15 GHz fτ bipolar IC process. It is housed in the 4-lead SC-70 (SOT-343) surface mount plastic package resulting in a parasitic effect reduction and RF performance enhancements. The high performance at low power makes the MBC13900 suitable for front-end applications in portable wireless systems such as pagers, cellular and cordless phones. • Low Noise Figure, NFmin = 0.8 dB (Typ) @ 0.9 GHz, 2.0 V and 5.0 mA • Maximum Stable Gain, 22 dB @ 0.9 GHz, 2.0 V and 5.0 mA • Output Third Order Intercept, OIP3 = 18 dBm (Typ) @ 2.0 V and 5.0 mA • Ultra small SOT-343 Surface Mount Package • Available Only in Tape and Reel Packaging %&'( $ )*+,,(- " # )*+,,(- ! ./00(1,/- Figure 1. Pin Connections Definitive Data: Motorola reserves the right to change the Production detail specifications as may be required to Applications Information Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. j1.0 j0.5 j2.0 OUT PUT j0.2 ";<=">"932"; UT INP "?<">"732"@A BBBCD,E0,FGHHI"J0K,GLHE NF Opt = 0.77 dB !"#$%&' Γ* /0 1 234 23 dB ()"*+,"#-.' 2355 "2398"∠"9739: 637 2386 22 1.0 dB 21 20 - j0.2 1.5 2.0 3.0 - j0.5 - j2.0 4.0 - j1.0 0.2 0.5 1.0 2.0 Figure 23. Constant Gain and Noise Figure Contours (f = 900 MHz) j1.0 j0.5 j2.0 OUT P FE, ;(;/3;?3 C"# # #"C $"# $"C !"# !"C &"# &"C ="# ="C C"# C"C )1'G64H7480I'9,-.< FE,1'F;J/F7F'E5;?34',;/8K'F;,1'F;J/F7F ;(;/3;?34',;/8K'DE!$D!1'G26A;6@'/8E465/28',;/8'9L?< Figure 6. Maximum Stable/Available gain and Forward Insertion Gain versus Frequency &C (04'*'&"#'( /0'*'&"#':; &# !C FE, !# $C DE!$D! F;, $# C"# # #"C $"# $"C !"# !"C &"# &"C ="# ="C C"# C"C )1'G64H7480I'9,-.< Figure 7. Maximum Stable/Available gain and Forward Insertion Gain versus Frequency TOROLA MBC13900 Technical Data For More Information On This Product, 5 LM387￿LM387A Low Noise Dual Preamplifier General Description Features The LM387 is a dual preamplifier for the amplification of low level signals in applications requiring optimum noise performance￿ Each of the two amplifiers is completely independent￿ with an internal power supply decoupler-regulator￿ providing 110 dB supply rejection and 60 dB channel separation￿ Other outstanding features include high gain (104 dB)￿ large output voltage swing (VCC b 2V)p-p￿ and wide power bandwidth (75 kHz￿ 20 Vp-p)￿ The LM387A is a selected version of the LM387 that has lower noise in a NAB tape circuit￿ and can operate on a larger supply voltage￿ The LM387 operates from a single supply across the wide range of 9V to 30V￿ the LM387A operates on a supply of 9V to 40V￿ The amplifiers are internally compensated for gains greater than 10￿ The LN387￿ LM387A is available in an 8-lead dualin-line package￿ The LM387￿ LM387A is biased like the LM381￿ See AN-64 and AN-104￿ Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Low noise 1￿0 mV total input noise High gain 104 dB open loop Single supply operation Wide supply range LM387 9 to 30V LM387A 9 to 40V Power supply rejection 110 dB Large output voltage swing (VCC b 2V)p-p Wide bandwidth 15 MHz unity gain Power bandwidth 75 kHz￿ 20 Vp-p Internally compensated Short circuit protected Performance similar to LM381 Schematic and Connection Diagrams Dual-In-Line Package LM387￿LM387A Low Noise Dual Preamplifier March 1987 TL￿H￿7845–1 Typical Applications TL￿H￿7845–3 FIGURE 1￿ Flat Gain Circuit (AV e 1000) C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL￿H￿7845 FI Typical Performance Characteristics VCC vs ICC Gain and Phase Response Large Signal Frequency Response PSRR vs Frequency (Input Referred) Channel Separation Distortion vs Frequency Non-Inverting Amplifier Noise Voltage vs Frequen...
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