Midterm Spring 2013 - Form B

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Unformatted text preview: ire order at once. However, partial shipment will be made if an order cannot be fully fulfilled due to a lack of available items in the inventory (i.e., backorder). Backordered items will be shipped separately as soon as they become available, at no extra cost. Cy Chocolate Inc. grants most customers 30 days to pay. All orders must be paid in full. Cy Chocolate Inc.ʹs Accounts Receivable clerk may accept one check to cover two or more orders shipped. Cy Chocolate Inc. has a separate bank account for cash collection purposes. (Note: If the business rules are not clear, use typical cardinalities.) Answer: 5 REA. Cyclone Flutes, Inc. produces beautiful cardinal and gold flutes that it sells to bands throughout the U.S. Cyclone Flutes needs to create a new operating expenditure database. So far, you have identified the following relationships. Explain minimum and maximum cardinality in each relationship. Example: Each ʹSaleʹ must be linked to an ʹInventoryʹ and can only be linked to at most one ʹInven...
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