Midterm Spring 2013 - Form B

A 6 b 8 c 11 d 18 answer c

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Unformatted text preview: on any purchases, then the relationship between ʹPurchaseʹ and ʹCash Paymentʹ would be __________ relationship. A) one- to- one B) one- to- many C) many- to- many D) optional- mandatory Answer: A 2 15) How many tables are needed to implement an REA data model that has six distinct entities, five many- to- many relationships, two one - to- one relationships, and five one - to- many relationships in a relational database? A) 6 B) 8 C) 11 D) 18 Answer: C SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that answers the question. (20 points total - 10 points per question) 16) Briefly describe the purpose of an audit trail. Answer: An audit trail is a path that allows a transaction to be traced through a data processing system from point of origin (whether paper or electronic) to final output or backwards from final output to point of origin. Audit trail is used to check the accuracy and validity of ledger postings and to trace changes in general ledger accounts from the beginning balance to their ending balance. 17) Briefly describe basic steps in developing a REA model (i.e., three steps). Answer: Step 1: Identify the events about which management wants to collect information. Step 2: Identify the resources affected by the events and the agents who participated. Step 3: Determine the cardinalities of each relationship. REA DATA MODEL. Write your answer in the space provided. SQL. Write queries using the following ʹCyclone Team Wear Inc.ʹ expenditure cycle database. (...
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