Midterm Spring 2013 - Form B

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Unformatted text preview: 27 points total) Inventory ItemNo, Description, UnitCost, UnitPrice, QuantityOnHand, QuantityOrdered Purchase PurchaseNo, PurchaseDate, PurchaseAmount, VendorNo, EmployeeNo Cash AccountNo, AccountType, Bank, Balance 3 CashPayment CheckNo, PaymentAmount, PaymentDate, VendorNo, AccountNo, PurchaseNo, EmployeeNo Employee EmployeeNo, EmployeeName, Street, City, State, ZipCode, Telephone, HireDate Vendor VendorNo, VendorName, VendorStreetAddress, VendorCity, VendorState, VendorZipCode Inventory_Purchase ItemNo, PurchaseNo, Quantity 18) Write a SQL query to find the average dollar value of all purchases made in January 2013. (Note: January has 31 days.) (7 points) Answer: SELECT AVG(PurchaseAmount) FROM Purchase WHERE PurchaseDate BETWEEN #1/1/2013# AND #1/31/2013#; 19) Write a SQL query to find the total dollar value of all payments made to each vendor in January 2013. Also, include each vendor number, name, and city in the query results and show the query results with the vendor cities listed in reverse alphabet...
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