Midterm Spring 2013 - Form B


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Unformatted text preview: o = Vendor.VendorNo AND Inventory.Description = ʹGo Cycloneʹ AND Vendor.VendorName = ʹBest T- Shirt Supplierʹ AND Purchase.PurchaseDate = #2/17/2013# GROUP BY Vendor.VendorName, Purchase.PurchaseDate; 4 21) Use the following revenue cycle information to develop a REA diagram with both minimum and maximum cardinalities for all relationships. (15 point totals) Cy Chocolate Inc. is located in Ames and offers a wide variety of chocolate products. Cy Chocolate Inc. advertises all products including newly arrived products on its website for potential customers to see. When customers place orders, the Sales Department staff screens all customers and verifies that the orders are properly recorded. Cy Chocolate Inc.ʹs Warehouse Department clerks use the information from the sales database to ship orders and prepare shipping reports. Given the busy season (i.e., Valentineʹs Day), Cy Chocolate Inc. may take up to one week to ship orders and may include two orders in one shipment. Cy Chocolate Inc. generally ships the ent...
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