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Unformatted text preview: ck of a resource that has economic value whereas the _____ event represents an activity which increases the organizationʹs stock of an economic resource. C) get; give D) give; get B) purchasing; sales A) sales; purchasing 5) Concerning cardinality, which of the following is false? A) The minimum cardinality can be many. B) The maximum cardinality can be one. C) Cardinalities describe the nature of the relationship between two entities. D) No universal standard exists for representing information about cardinalities in REA diagrams. 1 6) The following data model A) Indicates a sale will always be paid in full when a payment for that sale is made B) Allows for accounts receivable C) Allows for installment payments D) Both A and B above E) Both A and C above SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that answers the question. (8 points total - 2 points per question) 7) Explain the information provided by the minimum and maximum cardinalities in the following conceptual model segment. (4 points) Example) Each ʹSaleʹ must be linked to an ʹInventoryʹ and can only be linked to at most one ʹInventory.ʹ Each ʹInventoryʹ must be linked to a ʹSaleʹ and can only be linked to at most one ʹSale.ʹ a. b. 2 8) Identify the minimum and maximum cardinalities for the following situations. (4 points) a. The ʹPurchaseʹ - ʹVendorʹ relationship where the firm may record information about a vendor before the firm makes any purchases from the vendor. b. The ʹReceiveGoodsʹ - ʹCashPaymentʹ relationship where vendors allow the firm to make installment payments and to make one payment to cover multiple invoices. 3...
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